How to Write an Introduction Effectively in 6 Easy Steps

The first few lines of your article decide whether a reader will keep reading your content or skip to the next. You must write an exciting, informative, and appealing introduction that will hint at the whole article. Learn tips to write an appealing introduction of A captivating article.

Learn how to write an introduction effectively with our comprehensive guide. Enhance your writing skills and captivate readers from the start also improve it.

40% percent of the content goes unread, so you must ensure that you do an excellent job while writing your article. An introduction, as we know, is an article’s introductory line or paragraph. We have discussed how you can nail your introduction by following simple tricks and tips to write an appealing introduction.

How to Write an Introduction:

Define Your Intent To Write

Ensure that you write the opening line exciting and short. It will draw an audience and make them stay longer reading your content. Focus on writing an exciting line that throws light on what is the main subject of your article. 

The first line of the article sets the tone of the content, hooking the reader gradually toward the article’s main body.

Contextualize And Provide Background Information

After you have managed to write the first few lines, it is time you give brief information about the background of your context. Refrain from overwhelming your reader with excessive information. Instead, keep it simple. 

It is the line where you can craft your uniqueness as a writer. Investing your time, energy, and thoughtfulness in this line will make you different from an ordinary writer. 

Throw Light On The Main Argument

appealing introduction

The following line will have detailed information about the central argument of your content. The point of an introduction is to represent to the readers what the content is about, and this line renders you that scope. 

Some writers will keep blabbering in their introduction before they hit the spot, but this practice will repel the audience. 

Introduce Supporting Points 

In the following line, discuss the main points that you will be discussing in the article. Ensure that you convey only a little. Include a geist of the main topics, and you are good to go. 

The significance of this tip is that people will get to know if the article will end their search. The introduction of the supporting points is one of the most pivotal parts of your introduction.

Tips To Write An Appealing Introduction And Hook The Reader 

A great way of hooking your reader is by questioning them. The question-asking pattern will naturally engage you, the reader, without you putting in any extra effort. It is a strategy that will bring you close and personal to your readers. When it comes to write an introduction effectively, questioning your audience can be a powerful technique to captivate their attention from the very beginning.

For instance, if your article is about entrepreneurship, you can ask your reader, “Are you fed of your job? Do you want a kick in your life?”- questions like this will lighten up the limbic reward system.

What is the limbic reward system

When you are asked a question, it steers curiosity in you. The curiosity, in turn, releases dopamine, the “feel-good hormone,” which is why you will be intrigued to keep reading the content. 

Keep It Compact

It is fine to emphasize that you must be precise and concise when writing your article’s introduction. The trick to writing an appealing introduction is to write less, and people prefer to spend less time reading long paragraphs. To write an introduction effectively, you need to capture the reader’s attention and provide a brief overview of the topic.

Editing And Proofread

appealing introduction

After writing your introduction, read and edit the parts you feel are necessary. You will encounter many spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and repetitive statements. 

Locate yourself away from distractions when you are editing because it needs concentration. 

After you are done with the editing, it is time to read the part you have written. Do it consciously. Proofreading will filter your writing even more and free it from any bumpers. Once you are satisfied, you may proceed toward the main body.


The introduction is the engine of your content. Ensure to write it correctly to pull your content through and attract an audience. To write an introduction effectively, be sure to write the first line interestingly, present some background on the topic, introduce supporting points, engage the reader, keep it compact, and edit and proofread. Follow these tips to write an appealing introduction.

To learn more about writing introductions and overall content, read our blogs and make yourself a pro-writer. Head towards our blogs and start practicing!

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