Best AI Writing Tools: Lifetime Deals in 2024 for Content Creators

AI is one of the latest trends that is being used in numerous industries, including content marketing, automotive, manufacturing, and more. By 2030, the global market size of the AI industry is expected to reach USD 207 billion

Free AI writing tools have become famous recently and their popularity is estimated to grow tenfold in the upcoming years. These AI writing tools took the content writing industry by storm due to their ability to generate text within a fraction of a second on almost all topics. Paid and free AI writing tools use AI algorithms, ML techniques, and NLP techniques to produce text. 

The AI writing tools can conduct research quickly and generate thousands of creative ideas for a topic. They can produce high-quality and consistent content, maintaining a unique brand voice. Also, there will be little to no grammatical errors, and the AI content will be SEO-optimized. If you are facing writer’s block, you can use free AI content tools to generate ideas, outlines, etc., making it easy for you to create content. 

The next big thing related to AI content is AI writer lifetime deals. These deals allow you to use the best AI Writing tools with a one-time fee, so there is no need to pay monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription. Compared to monthly subscription packages, these lifetime deals will help you save a hefty amount of money. 

At present, numerous paid and free AI content writer tools come with lifetime deals. However, you need to choose the best AI writing lifetime deal that is worth your money since it is a one-time payment. We have curated this list of the best AI content writer tools that offer incredible lifetime deals that you should not miss out on.  

AI Writer ToolPricingLink
Brain Pod AI Writer$49Visit

Brain Pod AI Writer – Best AI Writer Deals For SEO Experts 

AI Writer Lifetime Deals
AI Writer Lifetime Deals

If you are looking for an SEO AI content writer, Brain Pod AI Writer is the most suitable choice out of all the AI tools in this list. This writing assistant comes with built-in SEO tools, and you can create content in various formats, which will perform well in search engine rankings. 

With the help of SEO Mode, one can easily optimize content. Brain Pod AI can translate your content into different languages quickly. This tool is also compatible with a lot of integrations, such as Copyscape, WordPress, Zapier, and many more. The automation features and templates can help you simplify your content creation process

With the Pexels and Pixabay integrations, it is easy to add royalty-free images to your content in seconds. Simply type the keyword to access images in a wide range of art styles. This AI tool can help you generate thousands of articles at once with unique content and AI-generated images. 

Brain Pod AI offers 3 lifetime plans. Tier 1 is the basic plan for 1 user with 15,000 monthly credits (enough for shorter content pieces).

The tier 2 plan is for 5 users with 50,000 monthly credits and additional features like text-to-speech. Tier 3 is the pro plan for 10 users with 100,000 monthly credits and additional features like image search integration.

Key Features

  • Create up to 2,000 articles simultaneously 
  • Features SEO Mode and has built-in SEO tools 
  • Compatible with a wide variety of integrations 
  • GDPR compliant tool 
  • Al Image generator with a single click 
  • Comes with a multilingual AI chatbot


Lifetime deal for $49 (originally $360). Get an 86.11% discount. 

Lifetime deal for $109 (originally $720). Get an 84.72% discount. 

Lifetime deal for $219 (originally $1,200). Get an 81.67% discount. 

WordHero – Best Overall AI Writer 


WordHero is one of the best AI-powered writing tools that helps you create original, human-like content in seconds, such as blog posts, social media posts, emails, and many more. You can use this tool to write plagiarism-free, engaging content that benefits your target audience.

In the generator mode, there are more than 80+ tools, so it can be used to generate engaging intros, product descriptions, video scripts, social media copies, and more. For long-form content, there is an editor mode that can be unlocked with 2 codes. 

WordHero Chat is an AI bot that is capable of generating engaging and human-like conversations. This feature can be used to write realistic dialogue for scripts, generate captions for social media posts, discuss and optimize ideas with AI help, receive feedback on your writing style and tone, etc. There is a 60-day money-back guarantee offer, and you can have a risk-free trial for 2 months.

There are different lifetime plans, such as Plan 1 (30,000 GPT-3.5 tokens and 1,000 GPT-4 tokens per month), Plan 2 (80,000 GPT-3.5 tokens and 5,000 GPT-4 tokens per month), and Plan 3 (Unlimited GPT-3.5 tokens and 10,000 GPT-4 tokens per month). These plans also have varying levels of AI image generation tokens, brand voices, and access to long-form editor mode and WordHero Chat.

Checkout this AI Writer Lifetime Deals for WordHero, offering versatile plans that cater to a range of content creation needs, from individual projects to comprehensive writing tasks. 

Key Features

  • Generator mode for short-form content
  • Editor mode for engaging long-form AI-generated content 
  • WordHero Chat for human-like conversational dialogues 
  • GPT-4 technology for even more advanced text generation.
  • WordHero Art feature to generate visual content. 
  • Comes with 50+ writing tools and templates 
  • AI content in more than 100 languages 
  • GDPR-compliant and ensures data security and privacy.


Lifetime deal for $89 (originally $2,088). Get a 96% discount. 

Lifetime deal for $178 (originally $4176). Get a 95.74% discount. 

Lifetime deal for $267 (originally $6264). Get a 95.74% discount. 

Writeseed – Best Affordable AI Writer


Out of all the AI tools in this list, Writeseed is the most budget-friendly AI writing tool lifetime deal. It is created to help content creators, bloggers, and copywriters produce high-quality content quickly. This AI content generator comes with 50+ templates that cover a wide range of formats, including landing pages, blog post articles, press releases, scripts, social media posts, etc. 

It has a lot of built-in tools, such as keyword suggestions, keyword density, reading scores, and more. Thus, the long-form AI-generated content will be SEO-optimized. Simply input your topic and keywords, and the AI tool will create a structured outline and generate SEO-optimized content.

This AI-powered writing tool can also help you add free stock photos relevant to your content. It is possible to seamlessly integrate this AI writing assistant with numerous platforms like WordPress, Gmail, and more. 

It has a pro-writer mode feature, which you can use to provide commands to AI, and it will generate content accordingly. Writeseed offers two-lifetime deal plans, which are the premium plan (20,000 words per month) and unlimited words plan (unlimited words). 

In addition to its affordability, Writeseed stands out among AI Writer Lifetime Deals for its comprehensive suite of features, tailored specifically for content creators and copywriters seeking efficient, high-quality content production.

Key Features

  • 50+ templates and each template features 8 different writing tones. 
  • Free Chrome extension and seamless integrations 
  • Comes with In-depth SEO metrics 
  • Pro-writer mode for human + AI writing
  • Highly affordable lifetime packages
  • Add royalty-free photos using quick commands 


Lifetime deal for $44 (originally $98). Get a 55% discount. 

Lifetime deal for $88 (originally $196). Get a 55% discount. – Best E-commerce AI Writer Lifetime deals is one of the best AI-powered content creation tools developed particularly for online shops and marketers. If you want to get high-quality and SEO-optimized content for all your e-commerce needs 10 times faster, use the tool. tool can be used to create diverse AI content across all channels, and it is a big help for people who experience writer’s block.

For example, you can generate product descriptions, blog posts, website copy, social media posts and captions, emails, etc. If you want to get ideas for your brand and improve your content, engage in natural conversations with’s AI assistant. 

It is the best choice for e-commerce content, and this tool helps you create unique content that aligns with your brand consistency and brand identity. In addition, you can store your brand voice, product information, and other key elements in’s Infobase. 

Among AI Writer Lifetime Deals, stands out for e-commerce and marketing, providing specialized features for creating brand-consistent, SEO-optimized content, crucial for boosting online presence.’s content is SEO-optimized, which makes sure that your products and websites rank higher in search engine results. Using this AI writer, it is possible to publish your content directly to Amazon, Shopify, WordPress, and many other platforms.

Key Features:

  • 200+ AI templates for different content types
  • Access to the latest Google trend data
  • AI Chat with web access for the latest information
  • Amazon listing builder/optimizer for incredible product listings
  • SEO Content Wizard for search engine friendly blog post articles
  • Infobase for brand consistency
  • Integrations with popular e-commerce platforms
  • Custom AI application development


Lifetime deal for $49 (originally $228). Get a 78.5% discount. 

How To Find And Secure The Best Deals 


Even though there are hundreds of AI writer tools with lifetime deals, these deals may not appear every day. 

So, it is important to know where to find them and get the AI content writer deals at the right time before they expire or become sold out. Follow the below simple tips to find and secure the best AI writing lifetime deals. 

  • It is best to keep an eye on the websites that offer these deals on a regular basis. Such websites include AppSumo, Pitch Ground, GrabLTD, StackSocial, and many more. 
  • There are also a few reliable deal platforms that offer lifetime AI writer deals. You can set instant deal alerts and get notifications when AI writer deals appear.
  • It is recommended to sign up for newsletters from deal websites. Also, you can follow them on various social media channels. This way, it will be easy to access great discounts and offers on AI content tools.
  • There are some WhatsApp and Facebook groups and also Reddit forums that are created to share the latest news about lifetime deals. You can follow these communities if you want to access the best AI writer deals.  
  • If you have come across more than 1 deal at the same time, it is best to compare the price and features offered instead of blindly buying an AI writing lifetime deal. Based on your budget and the offered features, buy the AI tool of your choice. 

Future of AI Writing Tools and Their Pricing Models 

Coming to the future of AI content, with the improvements in the NLP industry, AI writing tools can easily understand grammar, syntax, and semantics. As a result, they will be able to create highly precise, logical, and engaging AI content that greatly aligns with your brand goals and reaches target readers. 

For content writers, writer’s block is a major setback that affects the content quality and overall productivity. 

Writers can use AI content writing tools to write engaging, informative, and result-oriented blog post content for your business. 

AI writing tools will evolve more and it will be helpful for you to customize the generated content to meet your business needs. For instance, it will be possible to adjust language complexity, vocabulary, tone of writing, etc. 

As a result, you can make sure that the generated content meets your own AI content standards. 

In the future, many AI writing tools can be easily integrated with content management systems, which will make these tools even more accessible and impactful. You can create your AI content with ease, which will improve your productivity and efficiency. There will be no need to switch between apps or platforms for grammar suggestions, content optimization, etc. 

Coming to the pricing of the AI writing tools, even in the future, traditional tiered subscriptions based on features and usage will still exist. However, there will be a wide range of subscription options, including custom subscriptions. 

Also, pay-per-output models might emerge, where you only need to pay for the content that is generated using the AI tool. Some experts believe that many free AI content writing tools will also emerge. 

However, there are a few concerns regarding AI’s impact on the writing profession. Some fear that AI content tools will downgrade writing or even substitute human writers. 

Even though AI content tools are great at grammatical accuracy and semantic relevance, they often lack the spark of creativity and innovation that will attract your target audience. 

If used properly, AI writing tools may not replace human writers, but they will expand human writing capabilities. For instance, AI tools can be used to perform research, create a detailed outline, generate ideas, check grammar and structure, and other time-consuming tasks. 

Human content writers can create compelling content with the help of AI content tools for your brand. 

What are AI Writer Lifetime Deals?

AI Writer Lifetime Deals are special offers where you pay a one-time fee to gain permanent access to AI writing tools. These deals eliminate the need for monthly or annual subscriptions, providing long-term savings.

Are AI writing tools good for SEO?

Yes, many AI writing tools are designed with SEO in mind. They can help optimize content by suggesting relevant keywords, ensuring appropriate keyword density, and maintaining a consistent brand voice, which is crucial for search engine ranking.

How do AI writing tools handle plagiarism?

AI writing tools typically generate original content by default. However, it’s always a good practice to use plagiarism checkers alongside these tools to ensure the uniqueness of your content.

Is there any risk in purchasing AI Writer Lifetime Deals?

The primary risk involves the longevity and updates of the tool but with our links you will get 60 Days Money back guarantee. It’s essential to research the company’s reputation and read reviews to ensure you’re investing in a reliable and consistently updated tool.

How do AI Writer Lifetime Deals compare to traditional content writing services?

AI Writer Lifetime Deals offer a more affordable and efficient way to generate content compared to traditional writing services. While they provide speed and consistency in content creation, human touch and expertise in specialized subjects might be better suited for more authoritative or in-depth content.

Can AI writing tools in AI Writer Lifetime Deals adapt to specific brand voices?

Yes, many AI writing tools included in these deals have the capability to adapt to and replicate specific brand voices, ensuring consistency across all types of content.

Why is human-written content still preferred for authoritative and well-researched articles?

Human-written content is often preferred for authoritative and well-researched articles due to the writer’s ability to understand complex topics, provide insightful analysis, and engage with the audience on a more personal level. AI tools may lack the depth and authoritative understanding that comes from human experience and expertise.

Are there any limitations to the types of content AI writing tools can create?

While AI writing tools are versatile, they may struggle with highly technical, creative, or emotionally driven content that requires deep subject matter expertise or a human touch.

Is it possible to customize AI writing tools in AI Writer Lifetime Deals to suit specific industries?

Many AI writing tools offer customization options to suit specific industries. This includes adjusting language, tone, and formatting to align with industry standards and audience expectations.

Do AI Writer Lifetime Deals offer white-label options for agencies and resellers?

Some AI Writer Lifetime Deals provide white-label options, allowing agencies and resellers to brand the AI writing tools as their own. This is particularly beneficial for businesses looking to offer AI writing services under their brand without the cost of developing the technology in-house.

Are there any specific considerations when choosing a white-label AI Writer Lifetime Deal?

When selecting a white-label AI Writer Lifetime Deal, it’s important to consider the tool’s customization capabilities, ease of integration with your existing services, the extent of customer support provided, and the reputation of the AI tool for reliability and performance.

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