How to get started with SEO for dentists

The modern world has grown reliable on the internet. With its ease of availability, people can quickly search the internet and get answers. As such, the internet is also the first place where people search for dentists.

Therefore, having an online presence is vital for any dental practice. In addition to having a website, dentists must use search engine optimization techniques to help rank their practice at the top and make it easily visible. 

Various methods can help improve your online presence for a high search ranking. These include adding keywords, setting up a Google business profile, and handling your social media. Since there is a lot to cover, you can leverage the expertise of top SEO services for dentists.

Keep reading to find out some easy ways to start best SEO practices as a dentist. 

SEO And Local SEO For Dentists

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is vital to any website development and marketing strategy. This is also true for dentists who want their profile to be easily visible and attract more patients.

Strengthening your online presence can be done by modifying your website into an easy-to-use and quick-loading platform. In addition, you must use keywords and ensure a responsive design, among other SEO tactics.

While SEO refers to the general techniques that help your website rank in the top few in Search Engine Result Pages, or SERPs, Local SEO is also equally important. Local SEO for dentists adds a layer of geographic relevance. 

This allows your practice to be recommended when someone in your area searches for terms like dentist near me. By incorporating local SEO practices, you can ensure that you are visible to those viewers who are more likely to be able to become your patients. 

Following are some benefits of SEO and Local SEO for dentists:

  1. Improve your search engine rankings, which builds a layer of trust and credibility with your patients. 
  2. Drive more traffic to your website, therefore increasing the number of leads. 
  3. SEO strategies like quicker load time, mobile-friendly design, and easy site navigation also add to a better user experience. 
  4. Local SEO helps rank your dental practice on the higher end of your community, making it easier to find. 
  5. Competitive advantage by enabling you to connect with your patients early on and improving lead generation.

SEO For Dentists – Getting Started

The following steps can help you get started with the best SEO for dentists:

  1. Understand Search Engine Optimization Basics

Before starting with SEO, you must understand how search engines rank a website. In general, SEO considers three factors – relevance, distance, and prominence. The content you add to your website should be relevant to your practice and complete. 

In addition, the search engine will look for factors to determine your location for Local SEO. Your SERP ranking also depends on the links added to your website or practice, such as online articles, listings, and reviews. Moreover, visit your competitor’s website to get an idea of what you can include in your website.

  1. Build An Efficient Website

Once you know the factors influencing SEO, you can start building your website. For good SEO for dentist practices, you must create a responsive website that has a quick loading time and is easy to navigate.

The website should only contain relevant content and add value to the viewers. By creating a positive experience, you can ensure a higher lead conversion.

  1. Include Keywords

Finding keywords related to dental practices and adding them to your website content is one of the most vital SEO techniques. These should include phrases people are likely to search for when looking for a dentist. 

In addition, add keywords that reflect your services. For this, you can use different keyword research tools or take the help of SEO services for dentists. When using keywords, the content you add to your website should also be original, as plagiarism will bring your ranking down significantly.

Moreover, when optimising your website, you should ensure the use of different levels of headings, the addition of a meta description, and the inclusion of interlinking and outbound links.

  1. Make A Google Business Profile

Registering your dental practice on Google Business is a highly recommended SEO technique. By claiming your Google Maps business listing, you can also add yourself to the map directory.

When creating your profile, make sure to add as much information about your practice as you can, including address, timings, and contact. In addition, add pictures of your practice and request that your existing patients leave reviews.

  1. Ask For Reviews

Apart from having reviews on your Google Business Profile, it is vital to add reviews and patient feedback to your website. This not only helps build credibility and trust among new visitors but also adds to your keyword optimization.

  1. Produce SEO-Friendly Content

Undoubtedly, content is king when it comes to best SEO practices as well as digital marketing. Therefore, adding attractive and relatable website text in the form of paragraphs, headings, and even blogs can help improve your ranking.

When writing blogs, you can talk about the different services that you offer. These blogs should also answer the questions that your patients may have. In addition to text, you can add valuable content in the form of photos and videos. You can also write guest blogs for increased backlinking. 

  1. Leverage Social Media

Your online presence also depends on your use of social media channels. Having an active profile across different channels where you talk about dental practices and educate your patients can help build trust and credibility.


SEO for dentists encompasses a wide range of techniques and practices that help improve your visibility in search engine results. While expert service providers best handle the technicalities, you can easily get started with SEO through the creation of an optimised website and the addition of keywords.

Building quality backlinks, adding local SEO through Google My Business, creating fresh content, and tracking your progress are a few other helpful SEO practices for any dental service.

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